Vinyl Records

Thank you for visiting out page! We hope that this inspires you to discover or rediscover the sound of a vinyl record.

In April of 2017 vinyl record albums  spun their way back to the borrowing  shelves at the Nutley Public Library! Hear why no recorded sound matches this listening experience. In January of 2018 we introduced portable turntables to borrow.


Vinyl Records:
We have an eclectic mix of 79 vinyl records in our circulating collection. Here is a list of albums available to borrow.  Our most popular albums borrowed are by Adele, Johnny Cash, and the Beatles.
Vinyl Record Borrowing Policy

We have 3 all in one turntables available to borrow with Bluetooth.
Turntable Borrowing Policy

Programs Held at Library About Vinyl Records

Everything Vinyl Records Program  with Jon Lambert Owner of the Princeton Record Exchange – September 2017